screen-shot-2016-08-26-at-10-18-18-pm We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors.
We borrow it from our children.

Earth Company
empowers and inspires
change-makers who realize social change
for our future generations.


Earth Company realizes social change through the following three pillars:



Supporting social entrepreneurs in the Asia Pacific.

Every year, Earth Company selects one Impact Hero – an exceptional social entrepreneur that has the potential to shape the future of developing countries in the Asia Pacific. We provide tailor-made fundraising, opportunity building, and nonprofit consulting services to maximize his/her potential.




Nurturing the next generation of change-makers.

Earth Company offers transformative, experiential learning opportunities to students and professionals to learn first-hand from innovative practices of social enterprises. The unique experience aims to inspire participants to consider how to carve out careers with social purpose and meaning.

Advise and help NGOs



Strengthening social purpose organisations.

Earth Company delivers consulting services tailored to the needs of social purpose organizations. Earth Company consultants offer expertise in grant proposal writing, nonprofit management, and monitoring and evaluation.


Earth Company
 values quality over quantity and depth over breadth.


Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner

Climate Change Activist / Poet
Co-founder of NGO Jo-Jikum
Marshall Islands

RAISED OF $135,0000%

Help Kathy save
the Marshall Islands
from the worst effects
of climate change.

Please join us and Kathy in helping the people of the Marshall Islands save their home and culture from fast-rising sea levels!

Under Kathy’s leadership, Jo-Jikum empowers youth to 1) advocate for the international community to take proactive actions, 2) to explore local solutions, and 3) to be stewards of their own cultural traditions in the worst case scenario.


While Jo-Jikum means “Your Home” in its own language, the nonprofit does not have a physical home of its own.  As a low-resourced startup, Jo-Jikum has been renting out space wherever available for its activities. It has already achieved much, despite this, but having a physical home in the form of its planned youth center will enable Jo-Jikum to nurture a greater number of young change-makers with the power to shape tomorrow, whose impact will ripple well beyond the eroding shores of the Marshalls.


Your support can make this possible!


Robin Lim

Founder, Bumi Sehat Foundation

screen-shot-2016-08-26-at-10-18-18-pm We build world peace;
one mother, one baby,
one family at a time. screen-shot-2016-08-26-at-10-18-24-pm

Under Robin’s guidance, the Bumi Sehat Clinics provide free obstetrics healthcare across Indonesia, the Philippines and disaster zones around the world to expectant mothers and babies who would otherwise be unable to find care, whether through poverty or disaster.


As its lease on the land was coming to an end, Bumi Sehat’s Bali Clinic had to move to a new site. Although a new, bigger site was located, the team struggled to find sufficient funds to build the new clinic. With the deadline to move fast approaching, the clinic faced temporary closure if it couldn’t get the required construction funds in time. This is where Earth Company stepped in. We helped Bumi Sehat find the financial support it needed from donors from around the world, and we are pleased to say that the new clinic is now scheduled to open in October 2016. The new clinic will offer an even wider range of services, catering not just to pregnant mothers and their babies, but also to medical needs of the young and the old, men and women.

Funds Raised

Media Coverage

Opportunities created



Bella Galhos

Founder, Leublora Green School

screen-shot-2016-08-26-at-10-18-18-pm Though now independent,
Timor-Leste has been completely destroyed by war.
As we start from scratch to rebuild our country,
we must make the most of this opportunity. screen-shot-2016-08-26-at-10-18-24-pm

Finally liberated in 2002, Timor-Leste’s people and land have been decimated by occupation and war. Severely affected by decades of conflict, the people of Timor-Leste have forgotten how to love, care, nurture, or even how to hold ambitions for a brighter future. Earth Company met Bella as she planned to build a school for the children born into such a damaged society, hoping to use the school to teach them how to both care for themselves and for the natural environment around them.


Thanks to Earth Company’s support, Bella was able to open her Leublora Green School in May 2015 on a large plot of land, with a simple classroom and dorm, an organic farm, livestock, a garden and playground. One year on, the school has been garnering international attention, welcoming over 125 students, as well as the President and Prime Minister of Timor-Leste, high-level government officials, and nearly 400 visitors from around the world.

Funds Raised

Media Coverage

Opportunities created



Aska Hamakawa


Executive Director

Since leaving PricewaterhouseCoopers as a management consultant, Aska’s career and studies have revolved around the areas of climate change and disaster relief in the Asia Pacific. She managed disaster relief efforts after the 2009 Samoa Earthquake and 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Aska served as the Vice President of a climate change NGO, Tuvalu Overview, while working with MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence to run its crowdsourcing initiative, Climate CoLab, to help solve climate change. Aska has two BAs from Boston University, a master degree from the University of Hawaii with a focus on climate change in the Pacific Islands, a certificate in Marketing Strategy from the Cornell University, and is a certified fundraiser. In 2014 Aska was awarded the Dalai Lama’s Unsung Heroes of Compassion Award.

Tomo Hamakawa


Managing Director

Tomo is a seasoned development professional having lived and worked in various corners of the world from the Tibetan plateau, Indian drylands, Indonesia’s tropics, to Japanese metropolises. He has extensive field experience working for international and local development NGOs across Asia and Africa, including Kopernik, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, Save the Children, UNICEF, and The Bridge Fund. He was formerly an Assistant Professor at the Global Leadership Program at the University of Tokyo. Tomo has a BA in Social Anthropology from Harvard College, a Masters in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School, and was a fellow in the Asia Pacific Leadership Program at the East-West Center. In 2014 Tomo was awarded the Dalai Lama’s Unsung Heroes of Compassion Award.


The Economist


Yoko Oishi

Donor Relations Manager

Overflowing with optimism, Yoko is a PhD candidate in economics at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies and has completed Tokyo University’s Global Health Leadership Program. Her international experience includes working for the Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency.


The Caretaker


Yukari Takizawa

Tokyo Office Manager

Yukari brings with her a wealth of experience working for the Swiss financial firm UBS, managing academic programs at the Tokyo University, and operations at the Harvard Business School Japan Research Center – all with a motherly smile and assuring attitude.


The Master


Noriko Komatsu

Marketing Manager

Noriko has extensive experience in career consulting, human resource development, and communications and is a qualified international master of “Food as Medicine”, sommelier and vegetable sommelier, all whilst bringing up two children!


The Artist


Mariko McTier

Overseas Marketing

Mariko reported on international affairs for a Japanese newspaper before joining the British Embassy in Tokyo. She played the violin semi-professionally until recently. Having picked up Japanese later in life she amuses the team with some ‘original’ expressions.


The Logistician


Norifumi Maeda

Study Tour Coordinator

With over 15 years’ experience in the Bali travel industry, our Study Tour Coordinator knows Bali so well he’s even beginning to look like a local! Detail-oriented by nature, Maeda-san keeps Earth Company’s tours organized.


The Geek


Asami Kawamoto

Project Manager

Asami worked at Japan’s largest trading company Mitsubishi Corp. before becoming a founding member of an innovative international school in Japan. Being a programmer herself, she now manages several projects in the field of education x technology.


The Hungry One


Yohei Ueda

In-House Writer

A former branding strategist and a magazine editor for a renowned Japanese publisher, Yohei recently made a career shift to the solar industry, taking with him his passion for food.
His recent hobby involves burning calories through intense kick-boxing sessions.


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