screen-shot-2016-08-26-at-10-18-18-pm We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors.
We borrow it from our children.

Our mission? To leave behind a better world for future generations.


We’re looking for people who share our values to join us on this mission.


At Earth Company, we take a modern, flexible approach to our work. Our team is a collective of digital nomads – without a fixed location or office, we work across continents and time-zones, making the most of the technologies available to us to work in whatever place and at whatever time suits us.


We believe that by respecting a work style that suits our individual lifestyles and circumstances, we will be a happier and more productive team, attracting highly talented and capable individuals whose circumstances may not lend themselves to more traditional work styles. So whether you’re a recent mother who needs to work in the evenings from home in the mountains of Japan, or you prefer to work early mornings from a café in San Francisco, we believe you should be able to do work that you find rewarding, in a way that best suits you.


If our mission and values resonate with you, then you might be exactly whom we are looking for.


We have outlined the roles below as ways in which we think you might be able to join us, but we are always open to other ideas. To express your interest in one of the roles below or to find out more about volunteering and career opportunities at Earth Company please drop us an email here at [email protected].


At Earth Company we are always looking for talented bilinguals who can help us communicate our messages in both English and Japanese.

Pro Bono

Earth Company is looking for talented pro bono experts whether you’re an IT expert, designer, copywriter, illustrator, photographer, accountant, videographer, marketeer, etc.


We are also recruiting staff to support our day-to-day work in more formal roles. These roles require Japanese proficiency. Please take a look at our Japanese Careers page for more details.

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