Vision & Mission


Earth Company aims to create a world that can be passed on to future generations.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children.”


This Native American proverb underlines the philosophy at the very core of Earth Company’s existence.


The world we live in faces critical and complex challenges. It is estimated that if the world’s population lived like Japan, we’d need approximately 3 earths to support us. That number rises to 5 were we all to live like the average American. The myopic, consumption-oriented economic development we’ve seen in the 20th century has had a catastrophic effect on our world’s environment, society, and people – to our own detriment. We see this effect in human-induced climate change, greater economic inequality and extreme poverty, the breakdown of communities and a whole host of other strains on society. Without significant change to this system, we simply won’t have a future to provide our children, grandchildren and beyond.


However, we are at last realizing as a species that our current way of life is just not sustainable. There is growing action to find solutions to both environmental and social challenges; the number of social entrepreneurs and businesses working to address these issues is growing every year, and the movement is steadily gaining both strength and momentum.


At Earth Company, we envisage a world in which individuals and companies take responsibility for the impact of their own actions on the future of this planet, and governments adopt a model of development that not only values but prioritizes human values and the future of the planet.


Earth Company empowers and inspires change-makers who realize social change for our future generations.

To create a world that can be passed on to future generations, we need to see a step change in the attitudes of individuals and nurture change-makers. We as a community also need to accelerate the transition from pure profit orientation to creating shared value.


Earth Company realizes this social change through the following three pillars:


  • Empower: Supporting social entrepreneurs (Impact Heroes) who are shaping the future of developing countries

  • Inspire: Nurturing the next generation of change-makers

  • Advise: Strengthening social purpose organizations through professional services

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