Earth Company offers consulting services
tailored to the needs of social purpose organizations,
amplifying the impact of their work.


Grant Proposals

For NGOs and social enterprises, successful fundraising is essential. Indeed, you cannot overestimate the importance of grants when an organization is in its startup phase. That said, they can be notoriously difficult to access, especially if an organization lacks the experience of applying to grant schemes.  Earth Company’s experienced fundraisers offer proposal writing services to help organizations get that next, important grant.

May 2016

Kumamoto Earthquake Emergency Response : Grant Application

IDRO-JAPAN is an organization made up non-Japanese specialists in areas such as civil engineering that can aid in post-disaster situations. Active in the recovery efforts after the Great East Japan Earthquake, IDRO-JAPAN was one of the first responders to the Kumamoto Earthquake in 2016. On behalf of IDRO, Earth Company applied to the Nippon Foundation for funding to support IDRO’s activities in Kumamoto and successfully obtained almost $10,000. Earth Company undertook this as pro-bono work as a small way to contribute to the recovery efforts in Kumamoto.

Impact Evaluation Consulting

In international development, measuring the social impact of your work is becoming increasingly important and necessary. Investors and donors alike want to see a clear return on their investment. Earth Company’s evaluation specialists offer services tailored to an organization’s needs, from establishing a monitoring and evaluation framework for projects, to drawing up a ‘balanced scorecard’ to measure the organization’s overall performance.

May – August 2015

Monitoring & Evaluation Consulting for an Indonesian NGO

Kota Kita is a nonprofit that is addressing many of Indonesia’s social issues such as urban development and poverty through citizen engagement. To strengthen its overall performance measurement, Kota Kita hired Earth Company to review Kota Kita’s achievements so far and, based on those results, formulate a new strategy and business model. Developed and implemented with the organization’s staff, the monitoring and evaluation framework became a foundation for the team, and is still being used regularly even now, one year on.


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