Applications for Impact Hero 2019 are now closed.

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Earth Company selects one Impact Hero a year
– an exceptional change-maker
who has the potential to shape the future of
developing countries in the Asia-Pacific.
Our Impact Heroes not only serve as an agent of hope for their own communities,
but also inspire those who come to understand their life work.


We are looking for those individuals who currently don’t have
sufficient access
to opportunities and resources,
but could significantly deepen and expand their impact
if provided with the right mix of support from Earth Company.

Impact Heroes have 5 Qualities:
  • Future-oriented: Ambitious drive to achieve a paradigm shift in the environment and society

  • Passionate: Blazing passion, energy, and conviction

  • Inspirational: Special ability to inspire people around the world

  • Leadership: Natural magnetism to attract and mobilize supporters

  • Grounded: Deep trust and respect from the community


To be eligible, a nominee must be:
  • Actively involved in tackling major social and environmental challenges in the developing countries of the Asia Pacific (click here to download the PDF guidelines with a full list of eligible countries)
  • Serving on the leadership team of a social-purpose organization
  • Committed to the cause long-term
  • Able to communicate with the Earth Company team in English (or Japanese) regularly by email and phone
  • Aligned with the vision and values of Earth Company


Note: Earth Company is agnostic about number of years in operation, organizational maturity, sectoral focus, nationality, age, gender, academic credentials. For-profit companies and non-profit organizations – and everything in between – are eligible.

For questions or to speak to us directly please contact [email protected].


Please submit the following:
  1. Application form
  2. A video statement answering following question: Why should you be Earth Company’s next Impact Hero? Tell us your story and convince us! (These can be recorded on whatever device you have available to you, e.g. your mobile phone. Please send us the video file by email if it is small enough, or upload to Youtube / dropbox etc and send the link to impact-he[email protected])


Application Deadline:

23:59 Sunday 16th September 2018 (JST/UTC+0900)
*BOTH submissions (application form and video) must be received before this deadline


To download the guidelines with a full list of eligible countries click here.

However experienced our Impact Hero and however young or mature their organization,
we aim to empower them, maximising the impact
they have on society through our services.



Soliciting donations and writing grant proposals

One-time financial support does not ensure sustainable impact. At the same time, long-term support could result in over-reliance. In spite of this conundrum, no one can refute the importance of money to accomplish change. Therefore, aware of the complexity of financial assistance, Earth Company connects individuals and corporate donors to specific activities of Impact Heroes that have the strong potential to have a transformative and sustainable impact.


Boosting media presence
& developing partnerships

For social purpose organizations operating in low-resource settings, building their organizational reputation and brand presence are equally as important as fundraising. As such, Earth Company helps its Impact Heroes boost their media presence and develop strategic partnerships, both within and beyond their organizations’ countries of operation. Through this support, Earth Company seeks to provide long-term benefits to the work of Impact Heroes.


Coaching and consulting in nonprofit management

The needs of our chosen Impact Heroes vary widely, as does their experience as a social entrepreneur and the maturity of their organization. For novice entrepreneurs, we offer specific advice and coaching on how to manage a nonprofit. For those with more experience, we provide specific advise on scaling influence and magnifying impact. Whatever their experience, we will advise our Impact Heroes according to their specific needs.

We provide our chosen Impact Hero with
a full year of dedicated support during which
we run a focused fundraising campaign,
build opportunities and offer tailor-made consulting.


From year two, we continue to offer follow-up support for a further two years,
which comes to three years of support in total.
To find out more about Earth Company’s support
and meet our existing Impact Heroes click here!
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