We are excited to announce that we have opened applications for our Impact Hero 2021!

Last year, we took a year off to substantially strengthen our support system so we can better support our future Impact Heroes and to extend our support to the finalists!  

Please carefully read this page as well as the following selection guidelines, and if you think you are the perfect candidate, we look forward to receiving your application by no later than September 2, 2020!


Join our webinars to hear all about the Impact Heroes program directly from the Impact Heroes themselves and the founders of Earth Company! Like our Facebook Page and stay tuned for more details.

1. Jul 30 (Thu) 15:00-16:30 WITA (UTC+8)  | Guest Speaker Impact Hero 2015  Bella Galhos 

2. Aug 12 (Wed) 10:00-11:00 WITA (UTC+8) | Guest Speaker  Impact Hero 2019 Wai Wai Nu

3. Aug 19 (Wed) Time – TBC  | Guest Speaker Impact Hero 2016  Robin Lim

4. Aug 29 (Sat) 14:00-15:00 WITA (UTC +8) | Guest Speaker Impact Hero 2017 Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner

We have closed our application for IMPACT HERO 2021. We will announce once we start calling for Impact Hero 2022 next year on our newsletter. Please subscribe it from here and wait for the announcement!

In search of prosperity and growth,
humanity has inadvertently created many issues that are now threatening our own lives. 


The reality is: we are the last generation that can save our future before it’s too late.


The world needs more changemakers who can not only solve these issues
but build a regenerative future that does not create them in the first place. 


Earth Company selects one Impact Hero a year
– a one-of-a-kind change-maker
that has the potential to transform the future of
developing countries in the Asia-Pacific.


For three years, we work side-by-side with the Impact Heroes
to provide life-changing support including: 


1. leadership coaching,
tailor-made fundraising,
3. marketing support
4. business development, and
5. management consulting


to maximize their impact and potential as a leader. 


Just like their predecessors – Bella Galhos, Robin Lim, Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner and Wai Wai Nu –  our Impact Heroes are visionary leaders that are driven by bottomless passion and resolute determination to make transformative changes to the communities they serve. 

They are not only role models for the next generations,  but also have the innate ability to inspire the world.


Through their work, they aim to achieve paradigm shifts and carve out new, inclusive pathways that truly leave nobody behind and build a regenerative, sustainable future. This approach differs greatly from mere imitations of today’s advanced countries that face their share of social and environmental challenges.

Impact Heroes have 7 Qualities:
  • Authentic: Integrity and genuineness in the motivation of his/her life work

  • Irreplaceable: One-of-a-kind qualities and unique role that cannot be substituted for

  • Future-oriented: Aims to realize alternative futures characterized by inclusivity and regeneration

  • Passionate: Blazing passion, energy, and conviction that fuels his/her work

  • Inspirational: Extraordinary ability to inspire the world through his/her life work

  • Leadership: Strong potential to lead his/her community or even country to a brighter future

  • Grounded: A role model with deep trust and respect from the community


Below are the minimum requirements to apply for the Impact Hero program; those applicants who do not fulfill all these eligibility criteria would not be shortlisted.


✔ Are you aligned with the vision and values of Earth Company?

✔ Do you tackle some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges in the developing countries of the Asia Pacific region?

✔ Do you have innovative solutions that bring deep impact to a wide range of stakeholders?

✔ Do you serve on the leadership team of a social-purpose organization?

✔ Are you committed to the cause long-term?

✔ Are you able to commit a significant amount of time to work with Earth Company’s support team?

✔ Are you able to regularly communicate with the Earth Company team in Englishby email and online calls?


Earth Company provides 3 years of life-changing support customized specifically to maximize the heroes’ potential.


Empowerment of future-oriented leaders 

Our world is full of social and environmental issues, and we need to not only solve these problems but also create a world that does not generate these issues. As such, changemakers of this generation need to have a holistic view of what constitutes an inclusive and regenerative future. We ensure that our impact Heroes have the knowledge and skills required in creating such a future that addresses the wellbeing of all lives.


Soliciting donations and writing grant proposals

One-time financial support does not ensure sustainable impact. At the same time, long-term support could result in over-reliance. In spite of this conundrum, no one can refute the importance of money to accomplish change. While cognizant of the complexity of financial assistance, Earth Company connects individuals and corporate donors in Japan and beyond to specific activities by Impact Heroes that have strong potential to bring transformative and sustainable impact.


Building brand identity & communicational tools, and boosting media presence

For social purpose organizations operating in low-resource settings, having effective communication tools are essential for building their organizational reputation and brand presence.  These are as important as marketing, fundraising and reporting. As such, Earth Company helps its Impact Heroes with

・building their brand identity (such as logos, templates and stationeries);
・creating a complete package of communication tools (such as brochures, websites, and promotional videos, etc); and/or
・solidifying presentation materials 

These assets can be used even after graduating from Earth Company to continue to effectively promote their work, boost their media presence and develop strategic partnerships, both within and beyond their organizations’ countries of operation. Through this support, Earth Company seeks to provide long-term benefits to the work of Impact Heroes.


Building opportunities through expanding network in Japan, increasing media presence, and/or developing revenue-generating programs


Agility and creativity are critical to the survival of organizations in today’s world of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). Social purpose organizations face the additional challenge of balancing financial and social impact. Earth Company supports its Impact Heroes through creating long-term value from new customers, new markets, and new partnerships.  This can range from arranging Impact Heroes to travel to Japan on a marketing/fundraising tour, to testing small pilots as part of developing a revenue-generating social business.


Coaching and consulting in organizational management

The needs of our chosen Impact Heroes vary widely, as does their experience as a social entrepreneur and the maturity of their organization. Depending on their needs, For novice entrepreneurs, we offer skill-building workshops to solidify their ability to effectively manage a social purpose organization in order to grow their impact. The topics covered include but not limited to: 

・Organizational development
Financial management
・Donor relations management
・Project management
・Impact measurement
・Theory of change
・Systemic change





Wai Wai Nu


Educating the next generation leaders to build peaceful coexistence transcending ethnic barriers in Myanmar after 7 years of imprisonment.

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Total Funds Raised
51,500 USD


John-Pierre Montilia


A former street-child empowering high risk youth with dedication and sympathy to combat the numerous forms of exploitation.

*Support has ended as of December 2019


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Total Funds Raised
21,000 USD


Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner

Marshall Islands

Inspiring the future generations to protect their motherland and culture at the forefront of Pacific Island’s climate crisis.


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Total Funds Raised
144,100 USD


Robin Lim


Providing free compassionate healthcare to all mothers and babies because peace begins at gentle and loving birth.


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Total Funds Raised
351,300 USD


Bella Galhos


Once a victim of human trafficking, child solider, exile, and refugee—now a fearless female leader to create the sustainable future of Timor-Leste.

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Total Funds Raised
135,200 USD