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Operation Green

How might we transform all organizations into eco-conscious entities?


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Impact Measurement

Nowadays all organizations, for-profit or non-profit, want to create this nebulous thing called social impact through their work. Earth Company delivers training and consulting services to empower clients measure the unmeasurable.

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Exporting Innovation from Japan

From technological breakthroughs to impeccable hospitality, Japan boasts innovation. Earth Company works with Japanese clients to bring their social innovation outside the archipelago to find a second home.

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Operation Green

All the social good that your enterprise does may be net negative if your corporate bank account supports fossil fuels, office electricity is generated by coal, etc. Earth Company helps clients review internal operations to ensure they practice what they preach.


Mar 2018

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One day impact measurement workshop for CSR professionals in Tokyo, Japan

Earth Company and Lloyd’s Register Japan jointly organized a one-day course on the basics of social impact measurement in March 2018. The program targeted private sector professionals working in CSR and related divisions, and the 20 person capacity was filled soon after the event was publicly announced. Designed as an introductory course, the program covered the why, how, and what of impact measurement: justifying its importance, showing various methodologies, and acquiring skills through practical exercises.


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Performance measurement and fundraising support to an Indonesian nonprofit

Since 2015, Earth Company has been engaged with the Indonesian nonprofit Kota Kita, contributing to their strategy and management in a consulting capacity. An organization engaged in urban development and poverty, Kota Kita has evolved to become a leading civil society voice in the Indonesian urban sector and the Southeast Asia region. Earth Company has provided a range of services including assistance in grant proposal writing, development of performance measurement frameworks, facilitation of quarterly/annual reviews, and overall management support.


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Bringing innovative packaging from Indonesia to Japan

Consuming a shocking 30 billion disposable plastic bags a year, Japan is known for its beautiful, yet excessive packaging. And not much has been done about this issue. At the same time, Indonesian social enterprises such as Avani and Evoware have invented disruptive packaging solutions using biodegradable materials. To connect such demand and supply, Earth Company has been exploring ways to bring and adapt these technologies to the Japanese market.

Dec 2017

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Speaking at the East Asia Social Innovator Forum in Seoul, Korea

Earth Company’s Co-founder and Managing Director, Tomo Hamakawa, was invited to speak at the East Asia Social Innovator Forum in Seoul, Korea in December 2017. Hosted by the Circle Foundation and organized by representatives from China, South Korea, and Japan, the event showcased innovative examples of organizations training and developing change-makers in the region. Earth Company was one of three organizations representing Japanese intermediaries involved in this important space.


Impact Investing in Japan – English Language Report

Earth Company translated into English and edited Japan’s National Advisory Board’s 2017 Annual Report – Impact Investing in Japan, “The Current State of Impact Investing in Japan”. Japan’s National Advisory Board was created in 2014 at the request of The Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group (GSG), which aims to promote social impact investment around the world. GSG was formerly known as the G8 Social Impact Investment Task Force.


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