The world is facing numerous environmental and humanitarian challenges that threaten the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. From climate change to poverty, inequality to wildlife extinction, the list just seems endless. As things stand, the world simply cannot develop without further sacrificing the marginalized and our natural environment. 


However, amidst these pressing issues, there is a ray of hope: changemakers. These one-of-a-kind changemakers have the power to shape a better future. They are not only working to solve the world’s most pressing issues, but are achieving paradigm shifts and carving out new, inclusive pathways that truly leave nobody behind and build regenerative futures, beyond sustainability and circularity. Earth Company calls such changemakers – Impact Heroes.


Names like Malala Yousafzai, Gretha Thunberg, and Dr. Jane Goodall may come to mind when thinking about Impact Heroes. There are plenty of such exceptional changemakers in the world who are all extraordinarily inspiring, and whose work is essential in shaping a regenerative world. The world needs more changemakers – and they need our support.

Earth Company team visiting our 2022 Impact Hero of the Year, Samir Lakhani’s, soap factory in Cambodia.

Why Impact Heroes?


Impact Heroes are changemakers that understand sustainability and circularity is no longer enough in order for the world, its people and its environment to thrive

Their bottomless passion and resolute determination to make transformative changes in the world, is what will drive the world towards a future that goes beyond mere sustainability, and embraces regeneration.

Not only are they role models for the next generations, but they also have the innate ability to inspire and touch people from all walks of life. These changemakers are visionary leaders, paradigm shifters and trailblazers paving a path towards a more inclusive and regenerative future for all.

2016 Impact Hero of the Year, Robin Lim influencing lives of babies, their mothers, and the midwives.

As Barack Obama once quoted, “We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it.”

If there are changemakers out there who are not only solving some of the world’s most pressing issues, but are creating a regenerative world that holistically enhances planetary wellbeing, then Earth Company is there to support them. 

What Makes An Impact Hero?


Impact Heroes are changemakers with the following exceptional qualities that are:

  • Authentic: Integrity and genuineness in the motivation of his/her life work
  • Irreplaceable: One-of-a-kind qualities and unique role that cannot be substituted for
  • Future-oriented: Aims to realize alternative futures characterized by inclusivity and regeneration
  • Passionate: Blazing passion, energy, and conviction that fuels his/her work
  • Inspirational: Extraordinary ability to inspire the world through his/her life work
  • Leaders: Strong potential to lead his/her community or even country to a brighter future
  • Grounded: A role model with deep trust and respect from the community

2015 Impact Hero of the Year, Bella Galhos speaking to an international crowd at TedX Dili.

How Might Impact Heroes Create Regenerative Futures?


The importance of changemakers in moving beyond sustainability lies in their ability to inspire and empower others to take action. They are the ones who are leading by example and showing that change is possible. Their stories and successes inspire others to take up the mantle and contribute towards this paradigm-shift.

Simultaneously, Impact Heroes recognize that addressing complex global challenges requires collective effort. By building networks and fostering partnerships; utilizing their platform to educate and engage the public urging the need for action; and embracing policymakers to address the root causes; Impact Heroes are the catalysts for regeneration.

Climate envoy for Marshall Islands and 2017 Impact Hero of the Year, Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner attending COP 25 in Madrid.

Most importantly, it is their work that truly lives up to the UN’s pledge to ”leave no one behind”. Many of their works are innovative, inclusive, and not to mention regenerative, with the potential to truly make transformative changes.

Supporting Changemakers


Earth Company supports one-of-a-kind changemakers by providing a life-changing opportunity that will maximize their potential. Ranging from business development, fundraising, leadership coaching, management consulting, and marketing support, we are committed to provide the heroes with anything and everything that will scale their work, grow as leaders, and shape the futures of the communities they serve.

2019 Impact Hero of the Year, Wai Wai Nu with the Earth Company team discussing the scope of support.

Starting from this year, Earth Company will be selecting a cohort of up to ten changemakers that have the potential to transform the future of developing countries in the Asia-Pacific to join our year-long Lead-to-Regenerate (L2R) Acceleration Program. Whereby, during the program, one hero will emerge as the “Impact Hero of the Year” and will receive an additional set of customized support.

We have long aspired to support as many changemakers as possible in scaling their regenerative solutions, and we are confident that this will bring positive results for everyone involved!




Earth Company is currently opening applications for the Impact Heroes Class of 2024. Sign up today to seize the opportunity of a lifetime to grow as regenerative leaders!
To learn more and register, click here.