A Company Retreat in Bali Reconnecting with Purpose and Celebrating a 75yr Milestone

In September 2023, Earth Company had the pleasure of hosting some of the management team of the Tolaram – a Singapore-based holding company with diversified business interests in consumer goods, fintech, infrastructure, and industrials – to learn about sustainability initiatives in Bali and reconnect with the company’s purpose.

The team from Tolaram consisted of 14 executives and managers hailing from Singapore, Nigeria, and the US. This 2-day sustainability-oriented retreat in Bali served as one of the many activities that the company organized to celebrate its 75 years of history.  

Delving into engaging sessions delivered in collaboration with Earth Company’s partner organizations: Bumi Sehat Clinic, Cinta Bumi Artisans, Five Pillars Experience, and Astungkara Way, the participants had the opportunity to enjoy a retreat that struck the balance of hands-on, physical activities and thought-provoking discussions on social-ecological issues in Bali.

One of the concepts that resonated with the participants was the Balinese philosophy of life, Tri Hita Karana that places importance on humanity’s harmony with the divine and nature, as well as harmony amongst people. This concept inspired them to deepen their sense of purpose and reaffirm their motivation to do what they do. Furthermore, the time they spent together strengthened the bonds amongst  themselves, not just as work colleagues but on more personal levels.

“We all need such experiences to remind ourselves of why we do what we do and deepen our sense of purpose. I can’t recommend this enough to others who might be looking for a similar experience.” – Divya Patel, Chief Executive Officer at Tolaram Foundation

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