Suntory Group Launches Training Program in Bali for Young Employees in Collaboration with Earth Company

Starting in May 2024, Earth Company will offer a comprehensive employee training program in Bali designed for all 260 second-year employees of the Suntory Group, a global consumer products company founded in 1899 best known for its whisky. This initiative aligns with the Suntory Group’s commitment to its “Giving Back to Society” value, encouraging global engagement and critical thinking among its workforce. 

Training Program Overview


The 260 employees from Japan participating in the training program will be split up into 10 groups, each spending 10 days in Bali.  Over the course of 1.5 weeks, participants  will join immersive experiences to gain firsthand insights into one of the fastest growing economies in the world – as well as the negative externalities caused by growth. Suntory employees will also engage in reflective exercises to better comprehend the broader implications of their roles within a global context.


Program Contents:


The training encompasses various hands-on activities aimed at allowing participants to dive into real-world challenges and solutions, including:

  • Staying at Mana Earthly Paradise an award-winning next generation hotel, recognized as the first B Corp certified hotel in Southeast Asia.
  • Experiencing homestays in a village affected by land acquisition for tourism development.
  • Gaining firsthand insights into the lives of those living in slums near Indonesia’s 4th largest landfill, a frontline of the garbage issue mainly caused by tourism.
  • Participating in waste collection activities and visiting examples of upcycling initiatives.
  • Visiting ChopValue, a local business redefining the term ‘waste’ to ‘resource’ by upcycling used chopsticks, thrown out by restaurants, into a diverse range of products.
  • Visiting a birth clinic founded and led by Earth Company’s Impact Hero, Robin Lim, that provides free healthcare services to marginalized and vulnerable people.

This program aims to equip Suntory Group employees with a comprehensive understanding of socio-environmental challenges, fostering a mindset that aligns with the company’s commitment to sustainable and socially responsible business practices.

Comment from Junji Miyawaki, Executive Officer, People & Culture Division, Suntory Holdings Ltd.:


“At Suntory Group, our aim is to become the most trusted, beloved global food and beverage company. To achieve this, we believe it’s crucial to foster a global perspective and understand societal challenges. With this in mind,  we have decided to send all second-year employees in Japan on a 10-day training program designed and delivered by Earth Company to deepen their understanding of sustainability from an early stage. Through experiences like waste collection and visits to a birth clinic, as well as interactions with diverse individuals on-site, we aim to instill a deeper understanding of our intention of ‘giving back to society’ and promote awareness of sustainability in our operations.”

The Japanese press release (Oct 6, 2023) can be accessible here: