How Might European Business Students Explore Social Entrepreneurship?

Earth Company’s Impact Academy program made a significant impact for students of Stenden University, where 43 future undergraduates from the Netherlands gathered to explore the realm of social entrepreneurship. 


In an engaging 1.5-hour session, the students were introduced to the foundational concepts of social enterprise and the essential qualities required for success in this field. Our aim is to cultivate a mindset for social entrepreneurship among the students, inspiring them to utilize their business skills for positive social change.

The session started by unraveling the core essence of a social enterprise. The Impact Academy team from Earth Company, consisting of Tya and DeAndre, explained how social enterprises differ from traditional businesses, emphasizing their primary objective of addressing social challenges while also generating sustainable financial returns. The students gained new insight into the transformative power of blending business acumen with a deep-rooted commitment to social impact.

The presentation then delved into the qualities that distinguish social enterprises from traditional businesses, and how one might make that transition or even establish one of their own. Through real-life case studies of existing businesses, the students learned about the drive and mindset required to navigate the unique challenges of the social enterprise landscape. They were encouraged to nurture creativity, adaptability, and patience as they – hopefully – embark on their own socio-entrepreneurial journeys.

This program not only provided theoretical knowledge but also invited the students to witness an actual mission-driven business walk the talk, in Mana Earthly Paradise. On the second day of the program, the students were encouraged to reflect on the first session and see how the theory was being applied in real life. The students were well engaged as they questioned several parts of Earth Company and Mana’s business model.

We at Earth Company are confident that this program left a lasting impression on many of the business students from Stenden University, planting among them the seed of social entrepreneurship where they will bloom to become catalysts for change through their future mission-driven businesses.

Impact Academy is designed to nurture the next generation of future leaders.


Are you interested in creating a tailor-made program for your students, company, or group to explore Bali’s social innovation scene, while enjoying its lush natural beauty? Then we encourage you to create your own Impact Academy with Earth Company! 

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