Policies on Issues Related to the Coronavirus Outbreak

Earth Company’s Policies on Issues Related to the Coronavirus Outbreak

With the outbreak of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to share our policies regarding our Impact Bali program and Mana Earthly Paradise. 

Impact Bali 


Before traveling to Bali

1. If you have to cancel a planned program because of issues related to the virus outbreak, please contact us immediately.
*In some cases, we may charge personnel costs associated with  the preparation and planning of the program. For details, please contact your Impact Bali coordinator.

2. Participants are highly encouraged to use personal hand sanitizers and masks while traveling to Bali.

While you are in Bali 

1.  Participants and/or program coordinators should be connected to the internet at all/most times to maintain communication with Earth Company Bali staff and to receive updates on the evolving situation.

2. Every morning, Earth Company Bali staff will check all participants’ health conditions.

3. Earth Company Bali staff will carry a thermometer along with our first aid kit.

4. When a participant has a fever or any sign of coronavirus-like symptoms, Earth Company Bali staff will contact the local hospital for consultation.

After you leave Bali 

1.If any program participants discover health issues after returning home, please inform Earth Company as soon as possible.


Mana Earthly Paradise


Cancellation Fee 

If you have to cancel your reservation due to issues related to the coronavirus, we will not charge any cancellation fee. Please contact us.



We’d like to wish everyone’s health and safety in these precarious times.


Earth Company