Solving Socio-Eco Issues Through Sustainable Career Paths – PlowDays Japan

A group of 112 people from PlowDays, a Japan-based human resource organization focused on developing sustainability-focused career paths, came to Bali for a company outing, while bringing their families along. Employees from across the board of the company joined in to learn more about what we are doing at Earth Company and Mana Earthly Paradise.


Earth Company’s CEO and co-founder, Aska Hamakawa, stopped by to meet with all the participants and shared her story about what it was like to establish a social enterprise (i.e. Mana) that is attempting to shake up the current norms of the tourism industry. Aska shared with them many of Mana’s regenerative activities, as well as some of the challenges it has faced.

The paradigm-shifting concept of regeneration stood out the most to the participants. So much so that they are very keen to learn more and apply it within their own company. We certainly hope that their visit ignited a fire within each of the participants to become changemakers, in their own right, and pursue regenerative futures!