IMPACT HEROES DAY~Earth Company 5th anniversary

Earth Company will be hosting an event to celebrate its 5th anniversary on October 6th, 2019. All five of our Impact Heroes will be coming to Japan to share their life stories and life work with the Japanese audience. In addition to their individual presentations, we are organizing panel sessions with Japan-based social entrepreneurs and researchers. We hope you join us for this unique opportunity to engage with our Impact Heroes!




Date: Sunday October 6th, 2019

Time: 13:00-18:00

Place: BASE Q Tokyo Hibiya Midtown 6F 1-1-2 Yurakucho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo (Click for map)

Capacity: 300 people

Entrance fee: Early-bird discount limited to those who register before Friday September 6th. 10,000 yen for general admission, 5,000 yen for students


※Entrace fee for those who register after September 7th.
Regular tickets: 12,000 yen for general admission, 6,000 yen for students
Last-minute tickets sold at the venue: 15,000 yen for general admission, 7,500 yen for students


Limited to our monthly donors (Hero Supporters)!

In the evening, we are excited to hold a dinner party for our donors with our Impact Heroes. The party will feature food prepared by Chef Yasuhiro Higa, who developed the life-nourishing menu for Mana Kitchen which is part of Earth Company’s eco-hotel Mana Earthly Paradise in Ubud, Bali. We hope you enjoy the chance to interact with our Impact Heroes and Earth Company team!


Date: Sunday October 6th, 2019

Time: 18:30-20:30

Place: BASE Q Tokyo Hibiya Midtown 6F 1-1-2 Yurakucho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo (Click for map)

Entrance fee: Free admission (RSVP required)

Anyone can join the dinner party by signing up to become a Hero Supporter (monthly donor) today. This is a rare chance to speak in-depth with our Impact Heroes in an intimate setting. Please consider becoming a Hero Supporter by clicking the link below.


The following Impact Heroes will be speaking on October 6th.

IMPACT HERO 2015 Bella Galhos

East Timor, Environmental Education/LGBT

Decades of conflict have left half of the population of Timor-Leste in extreme poverty. Bella founded Leublora Green School to transform Timor-Leste’s underprivileged children into green leaders who will lead this young oil-dependent country to a sustainable future. The Leublora Green Village has now grown to become a model for eco-tourism. She plans to run for the country’s 2022 presidential election. If elected, she will become the first LGBT president in Asia. She stands as a beacon of change for a wide variety of social issues.

IMPACT HERO 2016 Robin Lim

Indonesia, Healthcare

Robin is a Filipino–American midwife, mother, grandmother, and founder of Yayasan Bumi Sehat, a nonprofit organization that provides free maternity care for pregnant women, mothers and their babies, plus healthcare for all those in need. To date, she has birthed over 9,000 babies and is known by locals and international fans alike as “Ibu Robin” (Mother Robin). Bumi Sehat (which translates to “healthy mother earth”) operates clinics in Bali, Aceh, Papua and the Philippines, as well as temporary clinics in disaster areas around the world such as Haiti and Nepal.

IMPACT HERO 2017 Kathy Jetnil Kijiner

Marshall Islands, Climate Change

Whilst fighting to get the voices of climate change victims heard on the world stage, Kathy set up Jo-Jikum to empower Marshallese youth – at the front line of climate change – to tell their stories, take action in their own communities and ensure that even if they are forced to leave their ancestral land in future, their national identity and culture is preserved and passed onto future generations. Kathy dedicates herself to empowering future generations of Pacific Islanders to not only survive but also thrive.

IMPACT HERO 2018 Johnpierre Montilia

Philippines, Youth Empowerment

Johnpierre was a street child in the Philippines, forced into a dangerous world of drug-related crime and even child prostitution. However, he was fortunate enough to escape this dark world and has dedicated his life to using his own pain and experiences to help street children like him to do the same. Set up in 1998, Johnpierre’s organization has spread across the country to 16 locations, and has so far helped approx 8,000 young people in its fight to give street children a brighter future.

IMPACT HERO 2019 WaiWai Nu

Myanmar, Peace-building

After spending seven years as a political prisoner, Wai Wai now works tirelessly uniting divided ethnic and religious groups in the country. Her organization, Women Peace Network, runs a youth center with classes ranging from English language, social science, advocacy, to leadership training. Her mission is to build peace, justice and social equality through empowerment, education and advocacy. Wai Wai is a WEF Young Global Leader and has been recognized by the BBC and TIME Magazine for her important work.


What a journey this has been!

The past five years feel like 10 years or even more. When we founded Earth Company in 2014, Tomo was only able to contribute in the evenings and weekends, while Aska had her hands full raising a monster 1-year old (who calmed down over the years thankfully). All we had was our passion, vision, and conviction, and we poured everything to support our first Impact Hero, Bella Galhos from Timor-Leste. Five years on, we are blessed with an amazing team of 17 professionals spread across three countries – all committed and united beyond borders and languages.

To date, we have received over US$1million in donation for our Impact Heroes and Earth Company. We want to convey our deepest gratitude to all those who believed in us and our work along the way. We really can’t thank you enough…

Key achievements we – our supporters and the Earth Company team – have accomplished together:

+ Raising US$700,000 for our Impact Heroes’ work
+ Building 8 new facilities in 4 countries
+ Positively contributing to the lives of 460,000 people through our Impact Heroes


The 5 year anniversary event on October 6th means for us – the Earth Company team and all five Impact Heroes – an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate all our achievements and challenges in the past half a decade. We hope to see as many of you as possible and express our appreciation for your support!!


with our deepest gratitude,
Aska & Tomo Hamakawa



Welcome Remarks

Our co-founders, Aska and Tomo Hamakawa, will open the event with a few words of welcome and gratitude.


“My Life, My Impact”

Our five Impact Heroes will share their life stories and why they devote their lives to their respective causes.


Breakout Session 1

“The Rohingya Refugee Crisis”: Wai Wai Nu (Myanmar)

“Gentle Birth”: Robin Lim (Indonesia)

“Child Poverty”: Johnpierre Montilia (Philippines)

*These topics are subject to change. Details to be finalized soon!


 Breakout Session 2

“Climate Change”: Kathy Jetnil Kijiner (Marshall Islands)

“LGBTI”: Bella Galhos (East Timor)

*These topics are subject to change. Details to be finalized soon!


 Convesation with Asuka and Tomohiro Hamakawa
Group Photo

Earth Company’s co-founders Aska and Tomo will reflect on the past five years and share plans for the next five. A group photo taken at the end.



Thank you for coming, and we hope for your continued support!


Dinner party with our Impact Heroes limited to Hero Supporters

We will be hosting a buffet-style dinner party for our Impact Heroes and Hero Supporters. The party will feature food prepared by Chef Yasuhiro Higa, who developed the life-nourishing menu for Mana Kitchen which is part of Earth Company’s eco-hotel Mana Earthly Paradise in Ubud, Bali.


*This is an event limited to Hero Supporters, who are invited for free (RSVP required)
*For those interested in becoming a Hero Supporter, please click on the Japanese instructions here.




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