Exploring Regenerative Solutions In Bali Though Impact Academy

“How does sustainability manifest itself in Bali? – What are individuals and organizations doing to make a difference? – Who is championing real solutions for social and environmental challenges?”

These questions were what a group of 10 sustainability professionals from Singapore sought to discover with us.

City Development Limited (CDL), a Singapore-based real estate company that has long been committed to sustainable development and environmental protection, took part in our Impact Academy program in Bali.

Our program, designed as an educational experience, offered CDL a unique opportunity to go beyond Bali’s mainstream tourist attractions and explored the social innovation scene that is brewing. During the 4-day trip, CDL’s representatives were immersed in Balinese cultural activities, and experienced how the social innovators in Bali are addressing the complex issues in holistic, regenerative ways.

The social innovators they met had identified a need in their community and had taken action to address it – witnessing the power of social and environmental change spearheaded by Balinese youth and their communities. CDL’s representatives were impressed by the creativity and passion of these young leaders, and left with a renewed sense of hope to strive for a regenerative and more interconnected future.

The Impact Academy program also included cultural experiences that deepened the participants’ understanding of the local Balinese community. They were able to try traditional foods, learn about Balinese customs and arts, and interact with the locals. 

These experiences combined provided a broader perspective on the issues they are working on to address, introduced local-to-global solutions that exist, and reinforced their commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection.

Overall, CDL found their participation in Earth Company’s Impact Academy program to be a valuable experience. By learning from and engaging with the local social innovators and immersing themselves in the Balinese culture, the group gained new insights and perspectives. They also left with a sense of hope and inspiration for the future of social and environmental change, and a renewed sense of purpose in their work to create regenerative futures.

Have a read below at some of their testimonies!


“It’s easy to become numb to the work we do as a corporate, but seeing all the on-the-ground work being done here, we can see that there is a lot of hope” – Marilyn Cheong

“That we can turn climate emergency around if we try hard enough to find solutions. I always believe that if there’s a will there’s a way. We do not lack resources, we only lack will and hearts. While I recognise that the obstacles to mindset shifts are great, I am heartened to see young people around the world, including Indonesia stepping up to take climate actions. Every little bit counts and I have high hopes that together, we can make that difference.” – Rebecca

“Much like the young inspiring people we met who are championing real solutions for social and environmental challenges in their country, we have renewed hope, and believe that we can work towards a better, more sustainable and interconnected world.” – Rena Tan

Our big thanks to our program partners; Rumah Kompos, Five Pillars Experiences, Begawan Foundation, MagiFarm, Green School Bali, and Astungkara Way, for making this an equally memorable and impactful experience.

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