Kicked off support for the Impact Hero 2021 Cohort

Starting this year Earth Company has launched a new support program for the Impact Hero cohort. This is an exciting journey and challenge for the organization as we have selected and worked with one Impact Hero at a time in the past.

This year, we have the opportunity to work with 9 Impact Hero finalists in addition to the Impact Hero winner, thanks to our partnership with the Well-being for Planet Earth Foundation, a recently established Japan-based private foundation supporting research and innovation related to well-being.

Here’s our exciting offering to the cohort:

1. Lead-to-Regenerate (L2R) Empowerment Program

Lead-to-Regenerate Empowerment Program is a 6-month hybrid program which aims to equip pioneering changemakers with meaningful knowledge and inspiration to reflect on their current work and leadership, stretch their imagination beyond immediate needs, and revisit their purposes and roles in their lives. 

The economic growth model of the past centuries has exploited the environment, divided communities, and exacerbated inequality.  The world now faces an urgent need for an alternative model that is more regenerative, inclusive, and balanced in order to holistically improve the wellbeing of people and all beings on this planet. 

The following three concepts will be important in driving this “shift” among changemakers who are tackling a variety of social and environmental issues.

  1. Regenerative
  2. Well-being
  3. Long-term Thinking

In a series of monthly online programs from May to September, our advisors, outside experts, and former Impact Heroes will be invited as speakers to provide lectures on the session themes and hold discussions to deepen understanding and insights into the three concepts.

Photo: The cohort discussing “new leadership in new paradigm” in June  

In addition, as a final output for this program, we are planning to invite all the participants to Bali for an event titled “Regenerative Futures Summit” in the latter half of October (pandemic permitting). The purpose of this event is to provide a forum for participants to share their visions with the outside world and to expand the support network for social entrepreneurs in the Asia Pacific region.

2. Access to the Knowledge Hub and Expert Webinars

Over the years, Earth Company has developed valuable resources and tools for Impact Heroes to strengthen their organizations, including a list of grant opportunities, practical skill-building materials, etc. We have also delivered online sessions to Impact Heroes by experts in the past on topics ranging from digital marketing to donor relation management. All these resources are updated regularly and will be accessible to Impact Heroes and finalists.

3. Optional Mentorship Program

Earth Company will provide mentoring services for the Impact Hero 2021 cohort by connecting them with mentors from our network. 

4. Impact Hero Community

We will invite the 10 change-makers to an online community. The community’s purpose is to share and circulate any information that might be helpful to each other and seek advice/support from the group.

Call for Applications – Impact Hero 2022

Last but certainly not least, we will start the call for applications for Impact Hero 2022 on August 8th.   If you are interested in applying, please see the details and apply  from here.  We are excited to receive passionate applications from many of you!