The Changemakers’ Transformative Journey at the Heroes Bali Camp 2024

Wow… What a phenomenal journey we just had with this year’s Impact Heroes Class of 2024!  The extraordinary 8 heroes we are supporting this year flew in from all over the world to gather in Bali for a week of intensive learning and unlearning, sharing and connecting, inspiring and getting inspired, reflecting and healing, and becoming a family of changemakers collectively making our interconnected world a better place. 


We had been meeting online in our Lead-to-Regenerate (L2R) accelerator program for the past 4 months to cover practical knowledge required for a changemaker’s journey. And with many improvements and evolutions we have been making to our program over the years to further systematize our support wherever possible, we are now able to provide our support a lot more efficiently, making more room for us to offer customized hands-on support to each hero.  And we are happy to see that our renewed program has been very well-received by our heroes! 


Curious to see what went on during the camp? Here goes! 

What changed from last year?

Compared to last year, the 2024 camp featured a lot more customized hands-on support to each hero, which was enabled by:

  • a detailed pre-survey developed based on our expertise from a decade of supporting changemakers, helping both Earth Company and the heroes themselves better understand where they are in their unique changemaking journey;
  • an hour-long needs assessment calls with each hero to mutually understand the areas in need of support and agree on concrete outcomes to achieve during the camp; and
  • covering in online seminars practical topics such as strategic management, marketing, and fundraising prior to the camp so that we can jump into working on actionable strategies during the camp to drive their missions forward.

Bali Camp: A Hub of Learning and Connection

The Bali Camp itself was an opportunity for deep learning and unlearning, connecting and reflecting, and bonding and healing. Heroes shared their challenges, life stories, and experiences, creating a rich tapestry of insights and inspiration among one another. As in previous years, the camp created a strong sense of family, highlighting the importance of uniting to build trust and form a collective among changemakers. This unity enables them to support, encourage, and assist each other in accelerating social change.

Orientation and Pechakucha Night

The camp kicked off with an introduction led by a cohort member, Deepak Ramola from India. The heroes engaged in a heart-opening session that immediately created a safe space and strong bond right from the start of the camp.

At night was the Pechakucha Event hosted by the The Bridge Parents Community at Green School Bali. All eight heroes presented their missions in a dynamic 20×20 format (20 slides, 20 seconds each), which was met with overwhelming positivity. We are glad to see some of the connections made from this event are continuing on! You can watch their talks here.


Thank you Green School / The Bridge parent community for caring about the world with our heroes!

Mentoring Sessions and Networking Dinner

The second day was a bootcamp of personalized mentoring sessions, with each hero paired with mentors from the Earth Company team and its extended network. These sessions were carefully curated based on prior needs assessments. Our heartfelt gratitude to our dear partner, ForGood, who took the time to help our heroes build their websites and brochures!

The day concluded with a networking dinner where we invited 15 vision-aligned compassionate leaders from different sectors and corners of the world to meet our heroes, fostering meaningful connections potentially leading to future collaborations and support.

Visit to Bumi Sehat

On day 3, the heroes engaged in an in-person seminar on Regeneration and Regenerative Leadership delivered by our founder, Aska Hamakawa. This session challenged traditional notions of development and sustainability, enabling discussions on collectively creating a world that doesn’t generate problems in the first place, but developing a world where our lives holistically regenerate the planetary wellbeing for all beings to co-thrive. The session also touched on the interconnection between inner and outer sustainability, emphasizing the need for changemakers to care for themselves to effectively extend the positive impact to their communities and the planet.

They also visited Bumi Sehat, where they met Robin Lim, the Impact Hero 2016, and learned more about her holistic approach and life-saving work where she has helped bring 15,000 babies earthside safely across her 6 clinics in Indonesia and the Philippines as well as some of the worst disaster-stricken areas around the world. 

Reflection Day

The final day was dedicated to reflection. Heroes shared their insights and experiences from the past four days, highlighting the profound impact of the camp. Our Impact Hero Support Team also reflected on how the heroes’ stories of resilience and dedication renew their determination to overcome the constant frustration of not being able to solicit enough support for the heroes and do more. The mutual exchange of inspiration, motivation, and hope was a testament to the resounding success of this year’s Heroes Bali Camp.


Below are some of the things our heroes had to say about the Bali Camp.

Bobby Chan:

“If I had to describe my experience at this camp in one word, it would be ‘resurrected.’… In my work seizing chainsaws from illegal loggers, I’ve lost 13 colleagues. Leading such dangerous efforts made me lose my smile. But I realized I want to be remembered not as a ‘tough chainsaw man’ but as a kind, gentle and funny person that I am when I leave this world.”

Ayesha Vera-Yu:

“Bali Camp, with its community of heroes, gave me the space to reflect on my journey as a changemaker.”

Sakdiyah Ma’Ruf:

“Growing up in a strict Islamic family, I feared the pain and terror of violence and domestic abuse, and I still bear those scars. Bali Camp helped me confront my trauma, and with the love from the heroes and Robin (Lim), I feel that a new journey has begun.”

Surya Karki:

“I have joined several acceleration programs for social entrepreneurs, but the support from Earth Company stood out as something unique and far beyond anything I had experienced before.”

A Transformative Experience

The camp was more than just a gathering of our heroes in Bali; it was a transformative journey for all involved. By providing customized support, fostering deep connections, and emphasizing both practical skills and personal well-being, Earth Company has set a new standard for nurturing the next generation of changemakers. This camp not only empowered the heroes but also reinforced the importance of collectivism in creating a better world.


Every Heroes Bali Camp restores hope in humanity. Hearing all their stories, struggles and pains, it humbles us, reinvigorates us to do more, and reminds us of the meaning of our very being and existence.

Let’s come together, everyone. We are the generation to save this world.