Discovering the Path to Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Embarking on an entrepreneurship and sustainability journey is both exciting and challenging. It begins with a vision to address a specific problem, followed by thorough research and planning, leading to execution and continuous adaptation to the current situation. The journey is not always easy, but the rewards can be meaningful.

In collaboration with Global Green Connect (GGC), the Impact Academy team recently hosted the finalists of the SDGs Open Hack 2023. This annual hackathon event, organized by GGC, aims to nurture future impact-minded entrepreneurs. The prize: one team goes to a summer school in Geneva, and another team to Bali for an immersive experience, hosted by Earth Company.

The team of four final-year business students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) immersed themselves in a transformative 3-day educational experience. The program offered them a unique opportunity to deep dive into the entrepreneurship journeys of five remarkable founders: Benny Santoso from Tempe Man, Lenny Heitzhausen from Jiwa Garden, Ni Nyoman Rida Bimastini from Magi Farm, Ni Made Roni from Made Tea, and Earth Company’s co-founder, Tomo Hamakawa.

The program went beyond listening and learning, but also emphasized doing and engaging. The participants made their own tempe (an Indonesian superfood made from fermented soybeans), learned how to compost, harvested maggots, and blended their own tea. These hands-on activities helped them explore their own creativity and understand practical regenerative practices.

Throughout the experience, participants had plenty of time to slow down and reflect on their own journeys. This was an important part of the program, allowing them to connect what they learned from the founders to their own goals and dreams. The participants appreciated the opportunity to meet passionate founders who shared their unique stories of starting and growing their organizations. These encounters left participants feeling inspired and excited for their own journeys ahead.

Participants also gained insights into different mindsets on success, simplicity, and persistence. They learned that success can have different meanings, from financial stability to social impact and personal fulfillment. The simplicity of starting something new, the importance of persistence in facing challenges, and the need to adapt and be flexible were key lessons that resonated deeply with everyone involved.

Overall, the 3-day program provided a rich blend of learning, hands-on activities, and personal reflection. By immersing themselves in the stories of entrepreneurs and engaging in practical experiences, the NTU students gained valuable insights into sustainability and entrepreneurship. This journey not only equipped them with new skills and knowledge but also inspired them to continue their own paths with renewed passion and purpose. 

Have a read below at some of their testimonies!

“I was able to learn more about the Balinese culture and receive many advice from the founders of the companies we have been to. The biggest takeaway I got was to follow your passions and persevere through the hard times to achieve your goals.” – Lin Wan Qin

“From this trip, the social enterprises really showed what it means to make the most of what you have, in order to maximize value in what you do. It was really cool to see the pathways beyond the common rat race and how the entrepreneurs have built fulfilling purposes, keeping a steady and focussed business to survive against adversity.” – Ayu Mein Li