European International Business Students Explore the World of Impact Management

Earth Company’s Impact Academy program recently hosted 6 students from Stenden University’s business consulting course on a half-day experience talking about impact management.

In an engaging 1.5-hour session, the students were introduced to the foundational concepts of impact management, covered reasons why impact measurement is needed, as well as touching on the tools they need to not only measure, but also manage impact. This program aimed to prepare the students on how impact management can be applicable in their future careers as business consultants.

One of the key components of the presentation was delving into the ideas of how creating a “Theory of Change” and “Logic Model” serves as the foundation to ensuring sustained impact management. We encouraged the students to create their own logic model, drawing from their experience of directly working with grass-roots organizations in Bali. By doing so, the students can become more aware of what is required to determine impact, ensure proper measurement tools are applied, and how it can be managed to bring the most optimal results (positive change).

We at Earth Company certainly hope that this program leaves a lasting impression on the students from Stenden University, planting among them a desire to be a force for good by guiding companies to be more impact-driven and responsible.

 Impact Academy is designed to nurture the next generation of future leaders.


Are you interested in creating a tailor-made program for your students, company, or group to explore Bali’s social innovation scene, while enjoying its lush natural beauty? 

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