Invitation to Full-Scholarship Program: Diversity Voyage ONLINE in Bali

Diversity Voyage in Bali

An Intensive Online Program on Sustainable Tourism, Circular Economy, and Global Citizenship

Application deadline: 21 February 2021 by 10PM (GMT+8)

Program Overview  


The Diversity Voyage program is an experiential learning and participatory educational program designed for the promotion of global citizenship awareness. Launched in 2014, Diversity Voyage is organized by a Japanese organization called Global Incubation x Fostering Talents (GiFT) in collaboration with numerous partners in Southeast Asia. The program creates unique cross-cultural experiences for students at Toyo University, a private university in Japan founded in 1887, and university students and youth in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, etc. with over 1,500 individuals having participated in the program to date.  The main purpose of the program is to train global citizens and mobilize them towards contributing to solving social and environmental challenges.

The Diversity Voyage program in Bali has been implemented in partnership with Earth Company since 2016. While the first five batches have been held in person in Ubud, the upcoming batch in March 2021 will be delivered online given the current travel restrictions and open to Indonesians across the archipelago.

The March 2021 program will focus on the themes of sustainable tourism and circular economy by using Mana Earthly Paradise, a next generation eco hotel in Ubud, as a case study. 

  • How do we promote sustainable tourism and circular business models in Indonesia, Japan, and beyond? 
  • How will sustainable tourism and circular economy look like in the post-covid world? 

These are some of the questions participants will delve into in the program, at the end of which participants will make tangible proposals.



  • 25 students of Toyo University
  • 16 Indonesian participants – you will be applying to this batch




All sessions will be delivered on zoom (or other online platforms) 




  • 4th March – 10th March 2021 (7 days)
  • Program orientation will be conducted beforehand. Date will be notified to the successful candidates.


FEE – Full-scholarship


  • The scholarship will cover the participation fee 
  • Certificate of completion will be given by GiFT




  • University/ Polytechnic students in Indonesia
  • Able to participate in the whole program (4th – 10th March 2021)
  • Have hospitality and motivation to learn from the program
  • Have willingness to work as a team and to motivate others
  • Have passion and strong interest in sustainable tourism, circular economy, and global citizenship
  • Have interests in social awareness and global awareness
  • English proficiency: excellent reading, writing, and speaking
  • Prepare following items for the sessions:
    -PC with Wi-Fi access for the internet (tablets, smartphones are not recommended for long hours sessions)
    -Earphone with microphone
    -White blank papers (A4/letter size)
    -Thick Colored Pen (black or any legible color is OK)




  • Complete application form through
  • GiFT & Earth Company will select participants based on submitted applications with consideration of participants’ diversity, and call for further interview sessions 
  • Selection results will be notified to each participant via Email.


Day 13/4/21 - Thursday1:00pm-5:00pmProgram Orientation, Team Building Activities/Workshops-
Day 23/5/21 - Friday1:00pm-5:00pmWorkshop by Earth Company, Story Telling by guests-
Day 33/6/21 - Saturday11:30am-4:00pmDiversity Walk (including Lunch), Team DialogueL:△
Day 43/7/21 - Sunday-Off-Session Day (Team Dialogue Day), *please decide meeting time by teams-
Day 53/8/21 - Monday1:00pm-6:00pmDemonstration Day, Feedback and Brush-up time for GiFT Day-
Day 63/9/21 - Tuesday-Off-Session Day (Team Preparation Day) *please decide meeting by teams-
Day 73/10/21 - Wednesday1:00pm-5:30pmPresentation (GiFT Day), Team Reflection-
Day 83/11/21 - Thursday-(JPN) Reflection-

*Program schedule may be changed subject to weather and other unexpected circumstances



Global Incubation x Fostering Talents (GiFT)

Through Global Citizenship Education, GiFT connects people’s ambitions and creates new values. Global Citizenship is the ambition to make the world a better place. GiFT’s training structure is based on the so-called “Global Citizenship Process” with four key elements to foster global citizenship such as grounding, connecting, co-creating, and participation.

Earth Company

Based in Indonesia and Japan, Earth Company is an impact-driven social enterprise that offers transformational support to change-makers, delivers inspiring educational programs, provides professional consulting services, and manages a next generation eco hotel in Ubud, Bali called Mana Earthly Paradise.




All questions could be addressed to [email protected]