Earth Company Hosts AVPN Summit Participants at Mana

Bali hosted the first-ever Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) Southeast Asia Summit from the 12th to the 14th of February. The event brought together over 200 participants working in the social impact sector from the region.

As part of the summit activities, Earth Company organized a half-day social innovation program for participants from various impact organizations. These included Secondmuse, Moonshot Venture, Sasakawa Peace Foundation, BenihBaik, PLUS and the Asia Philanthropy Circle. 


The program started at Bumi Sehat Clinic where the participants met founder (and Impact Hero 2016) Robin Lim.


After a wonderful discussion between Robin and the participants about how gentle, loving, natural birth helps achieve world peace,  the day continued at Mana Earthly Paradise.  

At Mana Earthly Paradise, participants were given a tour of the eco-resort and learned about the eco-technologies and sustainable business practices being used. They were impressed with the low impact design Mana adapted, from earth bad villas, wastewater garden, to solar power lightings, just to name a few.    


 Earth Company’s co-founder Tomo Hamakawa also gave a very well-received presentation outlining Earth Company’s five year journey. 

A few words from the participants


“With the careful and elaborate, yet humble and pragmatic, design, Mana provides a real glimpse to the near possibility that we live as least intrusively as possible for our earth. Whether you are a true tree-hugger or a lost tourist, Mana welcomes you with its blessings from the earth, literally and figuratively.
After the Mana tour, I thoroughly enjoyed the vegan brownies and butterfly pea tea in the midst of the monsoon rain at the restaurant – my happy place.”

Inez Stefanie, Chief of Staff at BenihBaik


“My experience at Mana has been nothing short of magical. The whole space was thoroughly thought-out, from the design, to material use to space usage. Mana definitely took eco-living and sustainability to a whole new standard.
My highlight was meeting the founders of Mana. I had the honor of hearing their story, getting a tour and knowing them better during my stay in Mana. Needless to say, I am inspired by their vision, passion, heart and soul that made Mana possible for all of us to experience and enjoy. Thank you for being such an inspiring example and for building this amazing experience for us!”
Stephanie Arifin, Director at Platform Usaha Sosial (PLUS)