Which properties in Asia are the most sustainable and regenerative, representing the region’s next generation hotels?

This may be a simple, common question asked by conscious travellers in the region, but the answer is not that straightforward.? It depends. There are many dimensions: energy, water, waste, biodiversity, culture, community, buildings, etc.

Now Earth Company wants to take a crack at trying to tackle this question.

Asia’s Next Gen Hotels is a monthly video series that appeals to independent, conscious travellers interested in circular, sustainable properties around the region.


The first episode features Mana Earthly Paradise in Ubud, Bali. You can watch each episode via our dedicated Asia’s Next Gen Hotels youtube channel; please subscribe to get notifications when new episodes are released.

The series is produced by Earth Company, in collaboration with many value-aligned partners including nornnorn, the East-West Center, Project Evo, Vision Strategy Storytelling, Wise Steps Travel, Coaching for Cause, Reducing Our Footprint, etc.


Inspired by the popular Netflix documentary series Street Food that travels around Asian cities to feature the most impressive street vendors, the interview series sheds light on sustainability pioneers that pass a high standard around natural, cultural, and social capital.


This series is launched in the COVID era for a reason; it’s a statement to build back the tourism industry in a more conscious manner. Tourism should not and cannot be run at the expense of natural resources and cultural heritage. The series is thus aligned with the Green Recovery narrative.

Project members from the Earth Company team

Tomo Hamakawa


Tomo is a seasoned development professional having lived and worked in various corners of the world from the Tibetan plateau, Indian drylands, Indonesian tropics, to Japanese metropolises. He has extensive field experience working for international and local development NGOs across Asia and Africa, including Kopernik, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, and the World Bank. Tomo has a BA in Social Anthropology from Harvard College, a Masters in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School, and was an Asia Pacific Leadership Program Fellow (2008) and Innovation Fellow (2020) at the East-West Center.

Andi Junila Aulia


An avid environmentalist, June is a fellow in the YSEALI Academic Program (Spring 2021) by the East West Center and has worked with numerous environmental projects such as biogen (bioremediation agent) and Agrowth (renewable energy project). She has also served as Coordinator of Research and Technology for the Green Makers, an initiative by Mall Sampah. June graduated from Hasanuddin University, Faculty of Agriculture, with a focus on Environmental Biotechnology.

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